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What does it cost to rent?

It is the person renting out that decides the price. In the ad you will see a daily price, a 3-day price and a 7-day price. To Hygglo you pay a small booking fee that is included in the price you see for the desired rental period. The booking fee is 10% of the rental price (minimum 10 kr & maximum 300 kr).

Some users may charge extra for consumables (such as photo paper or petrol) or transportation. This is an additional cost that you either pay directly to the owner or which is added to the rental price before you pay once you have agreed on any surcharges. Potential additional costs must be stated in the ad or communicated by the owner before you book.

You pay with debit and credit cards via Hygglo after you have come to an agreement of the terms of the rental with the owner.

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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