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What's the cost of using Hygglo?

Renting out
Advertising on Hygglo is free, so you can create as many ads as you want at no cost. The only thing you commit to when advertising on Hygglo is that all payments for rentals have to go through the platform.

When you rent out, you keep 80% of the rental fee (our comission is 20% (16% + VAT)) and then the insurance and support is included in the commission we take.

Example: If you rent out for 100 kr, you will receive 80 kr. 4 kr of those are VAT. So our commission is 20% incl. VAT.

For the person renting there is an additional booking fee. The booking fee is included and specified in the price you get when you send a booking request as well as in the booking.

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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