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How do I block days so that no one can rent my item when I need it?

Block Days on the Website:

Go to My profile and select Block Days.
Choose the ads you want to change availability for.
Click the purple button labeled "Select dates".
Mark the days in the calendar when the item is not available for rental.
Click "Save".


You can also block days directly from a specific listing:

Go to "Listings" and select the ad you want to block.
Click "Blocked Days" in the box that appears.

Note that you can only block days for one listing at a time using this method.

Block Days on the App:

Go to your profile and select "Block days". Then you select all the ads you wish to block the days for. Click the green button saying "Select dates" where you then select the days from the calendar view.

Alternatively you can go to "Listings" and then select the ad for the item you wish to change availability for. Under "Blocked days" you can remove and add days.

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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