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Wear out parts and consumables

Do you rent out things that has consumables, such as fuel, oil, photo paper, saw blades or drills? Then this is the guide for you on how to handle these when renting out! We have created this guide based on experiences from our most active users about what is the simplest and best way to handle consumables to get as simple rentals as possible with as little hassle as possible.

Include the consumables when handing out the item!

This is the general lesson, and there are a few simple reasons why:

If you include consumables, you know exactly what kind of material that has been used on your item and you know that that material works.

It will be less work and support for you, instead of having to explain over the phone which material the customer should buy.

It will be easier for the customer and more appreciated, hence higher ratings to you in the end.

But there are different types of consumables and these need to be handled in slightly different ways, even if you include them.

Wear out parts

This refers to consumables that wear out during use, such as drills, saw chains, saw blades etc. Here, experience shows that it is best to include these in the price. So in your pricing, you take into account, for example, a saw blade for the tiger saw or a chain for the chainsaw. If, for example, it is a blade for an angle grinder or similar, you can instead specify in the advertisement how many millimeters of wear are included in the rent.


For example, petrol and oil or photo paper for the photo booth. Here, experience shows that it is best to send this with the customer, for example an extra can of petrol or an extra box of photo paper. Here it is best that the customer upon return simply has to pay for what they have used of the consumables when they return. The customer can pay this directly to the owner via Swish or cash.

So think through what type of consumables you have for your items, are they wear parts and/or consumables. Be clear in the ad with how consumables are handled and what is included.

Good luck!

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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