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What can I rent out?

The great thing about Hygglo is that here you can rent out almost everything you own! However, it is important to remember that Hygglo is a platform for renting out things. In other words, it is not permitted to advertise services, such as window cleaning, moving assistance or changing tires.

NOTE! If you sell a service, our insurance would not apply, as it is valid for the time that the person who has rented has and uses the item. So if, for example, you rent out your van with yourself as a driver, the insurance company may consider that the rent is not a rental as you yourself are the one who uses your thing and thus the insurance does not apply.

So what can I rent out?

Some of the most popular items to rent on Hygglo are carpet cleaners, trailers, compactors, vans, roof boxes, tools, party tents, electronics and garden equipment.

The amount of categories of rental objects are rapidly increasing, so even if you don't find the right category for the objects you wish to rent out today, this does not automatically mean that there is no marked for what you want to rent out.

A good way to find out what is in demand is to visit the area page on Hygglo. There you can choose your area and look at the top list of most in-demand items.

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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