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As an owner you are responsible for

Hygglo is a platform where vendors and customers can get in contact with each other in a simple and safe way. The platform will handle the rental terms, payments and establishment of rental insurance in accordance with our insurance terms. Rental agreements are made between owners and renters, Hygglo only acts as a contact intermediary between users.

By registering an account on Hygglo, you accept our terms of use. It is your responsibility to follow the terms and conditions that apply when using Hygglo.

As an owner you are responsible for

ensuring that the rental object is advertised correctly, reflecting the rental object's true condition and intended use. Any faults must be documented in the description.

ensuring that the object is safe to use and fit to be rented out.

following all laws and regulations for rental and use of rental property.

keeping the object insured if not included in Hygglo’s insurance. If necessary, the vendor is responsible for obtaining approval from the owner's insurance company to rent out the object.

communicating all applicable terms for the rent before the customer makes a booking. This includes any additional feed that the customer is responsible for paying and what is expected from the customer upon return of the rented item.

If you rent out vehicles it must

be insured.

have all taxes paid.

have a valid registration number and be allowed on the roads.

Furthermore, as an owner, you are obliged to handle the situation in the best possible way and be helpful to the customer if problems arise during the rental period as a result of the use of your rental object.

Updated on: 03/05/2024

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