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Create an ad

We are happy to see you are considering renting out your stuff on Hygglo! Start today, it costs nothing to create and publish ads on Hygglo, we only charge a commission when you have rented out something. More information about costs can be found here.

Go to this page to create an ad. You can navigate here by pressing the green button on the website where it says "Create listing". If you are not logged in, you will be asked to log in/create an account when you press the button to publish the ad.

On the mobile website, open the hamburger menu at the top left to find the option to create a listing.

Go to the + sign in the menu in the app to post a new ad. If you do not have an account or if you are logged out, you must first create an account/log in to create an ad.

When creating an ad on Hygglo, there are a few different things that you need to fill in.


Choose a category for the thing you want to rent out. If you do not find a suitable category, you can contact us and we will help you find a good category for your particular item. If the category is missing, we can then also create it. It is only possible to put an item in one category.


Take the time to write a detailed description of the item you want to rent out. A good description consists of a clear title and a detailed ad text that contains the information that a customer might want t know in order to decide if it is the right item for their purpose. Information such as size, weight and age can be good to include. If there are any restrictions, errors or damage on the item, you must include this in the description.


Add pictures where your item is highly visible. We see that ads with multiple images are often more popular than ads with only 1 image. Our recommendation is to have pictures of your item instead of official product photos from the manufacturer, as the person who rents wants to see exactly the product that is rented out.

Place of delivery

Choose the place or places where you have the opportunity to hand out the item. For example, it could be your home address or at work. It is important that you only enter addresses where you can actually meat up and hand out the item. When a customer sends a rental request, you see there which address the customer wants to pick up from. If you are unable to hand over the item at that address at that time, it is important that you inform the customer about this immediately before you approve so that the customer can decide whether he wishes to rent at your alternative address.

Cancellation Terms

Choose the cancellation term that best suits you. Most people choose flexible cancellation terms, which is best for the customer. When you choose cancellation terms, you also get to see a short description of the terms.


We have a price recommendation for each category. It can be a good idea to put your prices around the price recommendation you get, if you put your items out at a much higher price, it can affect the number of rental requests you get if you are much more expensive than others nearby. However, it is always good to think about condition and brand when setting your prices. If you rent out a better item than others, it may still be worth setting a slightly higher price. Price can always be adjusted afterwards on your ads and also directly in a rental request before the customer pays.

Value of your things

The last thing you need to specify when creating an ad is an approximate value of the item you are renting out. More info on why you need to set a value can be found here.

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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