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Hygglos checklist for trouble-free rentals

Most things that have to do with renting out are quite simple and hassle-free, but following these steps makes it even easier.

Before the rent is booked:

Ask what the customer will use the item for. Based on this, you can give specific tips and tricks on how the item should be used for the specific purpose, or in the worst case prevent the item from being used for something it should not be used for.

Does your item need consumables, such as fuel, saw blades, photo paper or the like? Be clear on how consumables are handled, read our guide for consumables. Many of our most active users experience that it is best to include consumables, where certain items (eg chain for chainsaws) are included in the rental price and can then be kept by the customer, while other items (perhaps fuel and / or engine oil) are sent with in addition, where the customer pays for what is used. This way, you can be sure of which consumables are being used on your item, which reduces the risk of damages or misunderstanding.

When the rent is paid and booked:

Include a checklist to the customer with things to think about when using the item. It does not have to be very advanced, just a few simple things worth thinking about to prevent damages to the rented object. An example could be "Pull up the support wheel on the trailer before driving". Keep in mind that for some users this may be the first time they are dealing with such a thing as what they have rented, so the tips can be very basic and things that you yourself see as obvious.

Determine the time and place for return before the customer picks up the item. Then it is very clear to both parties what the expectations are regarding return. Also remember to tell the customer how you want the item returned, for example whether it should be cleaned, wrapped in a certain way or such.

Upon return of the item:

Control the item carefully so that everything is OK (no damage and/or missing parts) and so that you know that the thing is ready for the next rental.

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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