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Increase your chances of receiving rental requests

Here you will find our tips on how you can optimize your ads in order to receive more rental requests.

Rent out the right things (Roof boxes work better than cake trays).

Good location (You can add several locations to rent out from, eg. job address).

The price is right (See what others charge for similar things).

Answer quickly, clearly and be nice. Even if you are not able to rent out at the requested time, an answer is appreciated and will increase changes of that person sending a new rental request at another time.

Upload a profile picture. It creates a feeling of security for the person who wants to rent.

It is also important to have good images on your ads and good reviews makes it more likely that someone chooses you over someone else. By keeping what you promise and by being nice in dialogue with customers will help you obtain good reviews.

Images look best in landscape format on Hygglo.

Include images showing the item from different angles.

Take the images in daylight with as much light as possible to that the item is highly visible.

Take the images against a clean, solid background so that the item is in focus and without any background noise and distractions.

Think about what you yourself would have wanted to know if you were to rent the item.

Write a suitable title.

Write a factually correct ad text with as much information as possible.

Use several different descriptive words for your thing to optimize the search. For example: slalom and alpine skiing.

Include information such as size, weight, color etc.

Be honest and include information about any flaws and fault.

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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