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Owner school, part 1 of 3

Maximize the chances of more rentals! In this part of the vendor school, we go through, among other things, how many images you should have in the ad, what content you should include in the ad text and what we mean by being service-minded. All for you to get as many rentals as possible.

Images in the ad

We have seen a clear trend that ads with four or more images receive more rental requests than ads with fewer images. By having several pictures in the ads, you help the customer create a good and informative mental image of the rental object. Good pictures capture attention and create trust with those who want to rent.

It does not give the same effect if you only publish official product photos from the manufacturer, customers prefer to see exactly the product you rent out, so we highly recommend having your own photos.

Worth thinking about when adding images to your ad

The first image should show the rental object clearly and distinctly. Remember that the rental object should be in focus, so avoid that other things in the background steal attention or that something else is visible in the picture.

Upload landscape images that are rotated correctly. It is possible to upload portrait images, but these will be cropped so that what is at the top and bottom will probably not be visible.

Does it come with extra accessories? Be sure to take a picture of these as well.

Do you have a good picture of when the rental object being used? Include that as well!

Ad text

More requests are sent to ads with an informative and well-detailed ad text. We therefore recommend that you work a bit with your ad text to make it as good as possible. Longer, informative descriptions help potential customers get direct answers about whether your product meets their needs, you get fewer questions from customers and Google likes good descriptions, which means your ad has a better chance of being reached directly from Google.

Examples of information that you should include:

Facts about the product, such as model, brand, year model, specific functions etc.

Facts about performance, such as speed, horsepower, number of wheels, capacity, how big it is or anything else that is good to know.

What it can be used for, suggestions for areas of use, how do you usually use it etc.

What to keep in mind when using it, are there any specific things to keep in mind when using your particular item?

Information about the accessories that are included in the rent.

Be honest and include information about any errors or damages. If there are defects in the product that you rent out, this must be stated in the ad description so that the customer is familiar with this from the beginning.

Response time & response rate

In your ads, renters will be able to see your response time and response rate. This is information that helps a potential renter to choose someone to rent from and the better response time and response rate you have, the greater the chance that the renter will choose you to rent from.

So what do we really mean by response time and response rate?

Response time shows how quickly you respond to a request. This is calculated based on your most recent rental inquiries, so if you start responding faster, it will not take many inquiries before your statistics have started to improve.

The response rate shows the percentage of your inquiries that you have answered. Therefore, be sure to always respond to all inquiries you receive. Even if you do not have the opportunity to rent out your item, an answer to the customer gives a better experience than if they do not get an answer at all. This also counts on your most recent inquiries, so this too will quickly get better if you start answering all inquiries.


By providing good service to your customers, you maximize the chance of more rental inquiries. If you have happy and satisfied customers, there is a good chance that they will rent from you again the next time they need to rent, and it is more likely that they will also recommend you to others. Good service and satisfied customers result in good ratings that attract new potential customers.

What do we mean by good service?

You respond to all rental inquiries that come in, quickly and pleasantly, even if you do not have the opportunity to rent out. It is always better for the customer to get an answer than no answer at all. You are helpful, answer the questions the customer has and try to find solutions that suit both of you when it comes to picking up and returning the rental items.

You are clear in communication about what is included in the rent and what is expected of the customer. If the customer experiences a problem with the rental equipment during the rent, for example if it does not work, you meet this with understanding and try to solve this together with the customer as soon as possible.

Updated on: 24/04/2024

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