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Pick-up locations

Places, unique ad for each place

When you create an ad, you have the option to add several different places as pick-up locations. All places you enter will then have a "separate" ad. When someone searches for an item where your ad appears, they only see the ad with the address that is closest to the place the customer is searching from.

When you receive a rental request, you will be able to see which address the request was sent on, so that you can decide if you can hand out the item from this address at the desired time. If you cannot hand out from this address, you must inform the customer about this with information about an alternative address that works so that the customer can choose whether it is still relevant to rent. Inform the customer of this before accepting the rental request to avoid mistakes with payment. If the customer has paid before getting information about this then the customer will have the right to receive a full refund if the customer can't pick up the item at the alternative address.

The idea with these extra places is not marketing and better visibility on the platform (by meeting more potential customers) but to enter addresses where you actually can hand out stuff. For example, if you can bring a gadget and hand it out from work.

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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