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Can I cancel my booking?

You can always cancel a request before it is paid. It is only when a request has been paid that an order is made and this is when the cancellation policy takes effect.

We recommend you familiarize yourself with the cancellation policy that applies to the thing you want rent before you pay. You can find information about the cancellation policy in the ad.

When you pay, you will receive an order confirmation by email. In this email you will find information about cancellation policy, as well as deadlines for receiving 100% and 50% back upon cancellation.

The ads can have one of three different types of cancellation policies: flexible, medium and strict. Descriptions and more information about the various cancellation policies can be found here: Hygglos cancellations policies.

To cancel an order, navigate to the order where you will find a button to cancel. If you are in the app, you can find this in the booking by clicking on the button on the bottom left.

When an order is canceled, a request for a refund is made to our payment provider Stripe. How long a refund takes depends on them, but normally it takes around 5-10 days.

Refund after a rental period has begun

If something were to go wrong during the rental period and you and the owner agrees that you should receive a full refund, then it is important that you do not cancel the order. Since the rental period has begun, this would mean that you would not receive any refund. Instead, the owner has to be the one to cancel for a full refund to be made.

Updated on: 03/05/2024

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