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How Hygglo works when you want to rent

Search for what you want to rent in the search box on the home page. We recommend entering the location where you want to rent from. The search result will then be sorted by distance to your chosen place. Meaning, the first ads that appear in the search results are the ones closest to you. The further down in the search result you scroll, the further away from your chosen location the rental object is.

You enter the ad by clicking on the image in the search result. Inside the ad itself, you will find a more detailed description of the rental object, information about price, the owner and cancellation policy (we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the policy before placing an order), as well as a calendar (if you are on mobile you click the button that says "See available dates" and in the app the button for "Make a request" to access the calendar. In the calendar, you can select the days you want to rent by first selecting the first day of the rental period, and then selecting the last day. Then the entire period will be automatically selected and you will see what the rental cost for the entire period is.

Rentals through Hygglo are per day, not hours. If you want to pick up the rental object on a Saturday and return it on Sunday, this will be counted as 2 days regardless of the number of hours you keep the object.

Once you have selected the desired rental period, it is time to send a rental request to the owner. Press the green button that says "Send request". If you are new to Hygglo or logged out, you will get a pop-up asking you to log in or register. Both are done through BankID. If you already have an account and are logged in, you will see a pop-up confirming that the request has been sent.

When the request is sent, you will automatically end up in the request on your Hygglo account. You may want to add a message to the owner here, as we see that this increases the chances for a quick and positive response.

If you have any questions about the rental object and want to contact the owner before sending a rental request, you can do so from the ad. In the ad you can see a green button that says "Send Message" (On mobile you can send a message by clicking on the round, green button with a paper plane on, and in the app there's a button called "Chat with the renter". You also need an account to send a message.

Now it is up to the owner to respond to your rental request. This can be done by either sending a message, accepting or rejecting the request. If the owner rejects the request, there is nothing more you need to do with that request, it is automatically archived. If the owner accepts your rental request, this means that you can rent the rental object for the desired period. No matter what the owner responds, you will receive notification either in the app or by SMS.

You can send several rental requests to different people. You do not commit to anything by sending a request, so optimize your chances for a quick and positive response by sending more requests!

Once the request is approved, the next step is to pay for the rent. It is the payment that turns a request into a booking and it is when the payment is made that the cancellation policy takes effect. You will also gain access to additional contact details after payment. To pay, go to the request in your account. At the moment it is only possible to pay by card.

Fine-tune details such as time for pick-up and return of rental object together with the owner if this has not already been done.

Pick-up the object. This usually happens at the owner's home. We recommend going through the object together and also agree a time for return if this has not already been decided.

When you rent something, it is important to treat the object with respect and take good care of it. Should an accident occur during the rental period, there is insurance in place that covers damage to rented property. In such a situation, contact the owner as soon as possible.

Return of rental object at agreed time and place. Should something happen that makes it impossible for you to get there at the agreed time, contact the owner as soon as possible to arrange a new time. You do not need to do anything to complete the rental in Hygglo, this will either happen automatically after the rental period is over or when the owner marks the object as returned.

If you want to keep the object longer, you send a new request to the owner to see if it is fine to extend the rent.

The last step is to leave a review.

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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