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The customer's responsibilities during rental

Hygglo is a platform where vendors and customers can get in contact with each other in a simple and safe way. The platform will handle the rental terms, payments and establishment of rental insurance in accordance with our insurance terms. Rental agreements are made between vendors and customers, Hygglo only acts as a contact intermediary between users.

By registering an account on Hygglo, you accept our terms of use. It is your responsibility to follow the terms and conditions that apply when using Hygglo.

As a customer you are responsible for

taking good care of the rental item and, as far as possible, to return it in the same condition as it was picked up (normal wear and tear can be expected).

payment of the deductible in case of damage or loss of rental items in certain categories. For damages to motor vehicles, trailers & drones , the deductible is 5000 kr.

returning the rental item at the agreed time. In case of a late return, you will be charged rent for the time the rental item is delayed.

payment of additional fees linked to the rent as part of the agreement established with the vendor. For example, but not limited to, tolls, fines, cleaning and fuel. Additional fees are primarily paid directly to the vendor after the rent. If you fail to pay this, Hygglo will charge you the amount owed.

Furthermore, as a customer, you are obliged to handle the situation in the best possible way and be helpful to the vendor if problems arise during the rental period as a result of your use of the rental object.

Updated on: 03/05/2024

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