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When and where do I pick up and return what I have rented?

You agree on a time for pick up with the owner. The easiest way of doing so it through the Hygglo messaging system. You will find the address in the booking after you have paid. If nothing else has been decided, this is where you pick up the things you have rented.

If it is difficult to find a time to suit both, be a little creative! Vi har people that puts thing in the shed (with a code lock) or in a box with a code lock. Or what about meeting on the way to work? The important thing is to find a solution that fits both. You can even agree on picking it up on the evening before if thats more suitable. The insurance will cover early pick ups so that's no problem.

At the time and place you have agreed with the owner. Most common is to return the item on the evening of the last day of the rental period. It is also common to return the item on the same address where you picked it up.

It is important to keep what has been agreed. The owner is entitled to payment for the time you have the item, so if it is not returned on time, you may need to pay for the additional time if nothing else is agreed with the owner.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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