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Insurance terms boats, jet skis and heavy trucks

When it comes to insurance for boats, jet skis and trucks (over 3,500 kg), these are not included in our general all-risk insurance. Information on what applies in regards to insurance for the said property can be found here.

Insurance terms boats, jet skis and heavy trucks

The insurance for the following properties is a compensation for deductible insurance, meaning all damages has to be submitted to your own insurance and we will compensate you for your deductible up to 10 000 kr:



Jet skis

Medium and heavy truck (weighs over 3,500 kg)

What is included in the insurance?

Deductible: Compensation for deductible if damage, loss or theft is covered by another insurance eg. boat insurance, up to 10 000 kr per claim.

What is not included in the insurance?

Scratches or normal wear and tear that do not affect the usability.

Rental of flying vehicles, weapons or parts for weapons, jewelry, watches, live animals, tobacco, alcohol, cash and financial instruments.

Rental of already damaged goods.

Damage which, as a result of circumstances, was known when the insurance was taken out.

Are there any restrictions on what the insurance covers?

The insurance only covers damage that occurs during the rental period.

The insurance covers rented things including accessories up to specified amount limits.

The insurance is valid for 90 days.

The insurance is valid in the Nordic countries.

More information

Insurance intermediary: Sharin AB under name change Omocom, org. no. 559097-2377.
Insurer: W.R. Berkley Insurance AG, Swedish branch, org. no. 516410-2070, Swedish branch of W.R. Berkley Europe AG, registered in Liechtenstein.

Hygglo Insurance terms Sweden

Hygglo Insurance terms Norway

Create insurance claim

Damages that have occurred during rental period must be reported to Omocom and as soon as the insured has been informed of the damage. You do so through a link you receive from Hygglo. Contact customer service at for your unique link to the insurance claim form.

Updated on: 07/04/2024

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