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Insurance terms drones

Drones and accessories for drones are insured through a separate insurance on Hygglo and are thus not included in the general all risk insurance. The insurance is without deductible for the person renting it out, but comes with a deductible of up to 5000 kr for the person renting.

Insurance terms drones

What is included in the insurance?

Includes things within the drone categories and applies in the event of sudden and unforeseen damage to or loss of rented out objects.

The maximum compensation is the market value (including accessories) just before the damage occurred, but at most 20 000 kr per claim.

The person renting is responsible for paying a deductible of up to 5000 kr. The person renting out will be compensated for the damage without deduction of deductible and Hygglo will handle the payment of the deductible with the person who rented the drone/drone accessory.

What is not included in the insurance?

Underwater Drones (covered by the all risk insurance)

Scratches or normal wear and tear that do not affect the usability.

Rental of already damaged goods.

Damage which, as a result of circumstances, was known when the insurance was taken out.

Are there any restrictions on what the insurance covers?

The insurance only covers damage that occurs during the rental period.

The insurance covers rented things including accessories up to specified amount limits.

The insurance is valid for 90 days.

The insurance is valid in the Nordic countries.

Create insurance claim

Damages must be reported to Hygglo as soon as the insured has become aware of the damage. Contact support at to make a claim.

Updated on: 07/04/2024

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